Delaware's Finest Services LLC

"A Passion for Perfection"

We began our company with one goal in mind; to become and remain the first choice for residential & commercial maintenance services in Delaware.

How do we plan on accomplishing this goal? By delivering every service with a level of quality and professionalism that surpasses our competition.

Every team member has been trained personally by the owners to ensure that they have the DFS "Passion for Perfection". Additionally, every member is required to pass a background check and is subject to random drug testing on an ongoing basis. It is our belief that quality team members produce quality service. 

Drew Anderson

Owner/Operations Manager

Drew has over 20 years of experience in the commercial & residential maintenance field; he began working in the industry at the age of 16 by helping out on weekends at his father's business. Immediately, he was drawn to the idea of seeing instant results from his work including the respect and satisfaction of customers. Drew has always been an entrepreneur at heart and that is the stepping stone for why Delaware's Finest Services LLC exists today. Drew's passion for providing quality services and the high standards to which he holds everyone, including himself, is what will continue to drive Delaware's Finest Services for decades to come.   

Heather Anderson

Owner/Scheduling Coordinator/Customer Relations Specialist

Heather has been a key part of Delaware's Finest Services from its inception. After working in corporate banking for 10 years, Heather decided it was time to finally follow her dreams and become her own boss. Heather's  keen eye for detail & ability to understand that every customer is different is what sets her and Delaware's Finest Services, LLC apart from the competition. 

“A company is only as good as its leader. With ever-evloving technology, economic changes, and a wide variety of customer needs a company's vision must always adapt in order to remain the best!” - Drew Anderson